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In light of the events of September 11th, we have decided to publicly offer our in-house technology which could benefit our nation's businesses as a whole. We have re-worked various features of our archive product to de-couple it from The BigSur System. Our was developed especially for distributed environments for customers with multiple locations. And it was especially designed to avoid undesired duplicates, so that if a file exists in many locations, these many locations are recorded, but the file contents are archived only once (with as many archive copies as you have configured).

The Archivist enables you to...archive your entire environment, without unnecessary duplicates.

Some features:

  • Designed to handle largest of large distributed environments as well as small-scale sites beautifully
  • Process run on demand or automated
  • Capable of restoring entire directory tree structures including file ownership, privilege and other assorted information
  • Tracks file links (pointers)
  • Is database centric
  • Works in secure environments
  • Encrypted transport mechanisms are available
  • Eliminates the need for redundant entries, even if the file has a different name and is found in a different directory.
  • The Archivist can uniquely identify files - and therefore identify duplicate copies - even when filenames and directories are different, and even when the files come from different systems!

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